About NOGA

The National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) was established in 2005 to assume responsibility for all matters related to oil and gas in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The role of NOGA is to preserve Bahrain's natural resources of oil and gas, to find alternatives therefor and to optimally utilize such resources to achieve a maximum return. The task of NOGA mainly focuses on the regulation of the petroleum and associated industries in Bahrain and on the development of such industries in the following manner:

​​ ​​​​​​​​
Increase revenue and
contribute to maximizing
the national economy
and to raising the
standard of living.
Control the companies
and establishments
operating in the field of
oil and gas and develop
associated industries.
Encourage scientific
research and develop
leaderships and capable
human resources.
Develop petroleum
general policies and
strategic directives.
Utilize the petroleum
resources efficiently and
Comply with corporate
governance rules,
practices and controls.
Ensure sustainability of
supply of oil and gas to
meet current and future
Achieve global standards
in occupational safety,
health & environment.
Encourage oil

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