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ASRY is the Arabian Gulf's most experienced maritime repair and fabrication facility. Founded in 1977 in Bahrain, ASRY has over 40 years of experience in marine asset optimisation. Its leading range of facilities includes a 500,000dwt dry-dock, two floating docks of 252m and 227m in length, 15 repair berths with a total length of approximately 5,000m, twin 255m slipways, as well as a 250,000+sqm fabrication area, and a full range of workshops and service centres. ASRY's operates in four sectors – Ship Repair & Conversion, Rig Repair & Conversion, Naval Repair & Conversion, and Fabrication & Engineering– which combined cover all types of vessel repair including jack-up rigs and other offshore assets, as well as fabrication of onshore and offshore industrial components.


The Vision, Mission and Values of ASRY are:


ASRY's Vision:

To be the leading diversified one-stop marine facility and specialized industrial partner for the Marine and Energy Sectors. Our advantageous location paired with our superior know-how and high reliability makes us the regional facility of choice.


ASRY'S Mission:

To partner with our customers in designing, engineering, fabricating repairing and converting their assets. Consistently delivering safe, excellent and reliable integrated solutions that meet or exceed our customers' expectations, while caring for our employees, protecting the interests of our shareholders and contributing to the good of our community.

Company's Values:

  • Safety: We share a professional and personal commitment toprotecting the safety and well-being of employees, customers, contractors and communities on which we depend.
  • Customer-Focus: We recognize that our customers are the reason for our success in business, and we are committed to listen and respond positively totheir ever-changing needs.  Through maximum customer satisfaction we foster trust and loyalty for a sustainable business.  
  • Integrity: We aim for the highest standards of both professional and personal ethics within an inclusive environment of transparency and openness.
  • Teamwork: We  strive  toward  common  honest communication while  showing  concern and support  for  each  other,  to achieve  and   share   success through constant collaboration. 
  • Excellence:  We strive to excel in every aspect of our business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed. 
  • Accountability:  We are dedicated to taking responsibility for the actions of ourselves and our team. Through ownership of our tasks and decisions we deliver our best work.

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