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Bahrain National Gas Company

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Year of establishment 1979
Number of Employees507
Sector Gas processing Plant


The Bahrain National Gas Company (Banagas) is 75% owned by nogaholding, 12.5% by Chevron Bahrain and 12.5% by Boubyan Petrochemical Company.

The primary objective of the Company is processing associated gas into marketable products, propane, butane and naphtha, which are exported worldwide and supplying residue gas for local industrial use.

The Bahrain National Gas Expansion Company S.P.C. (BNGEC) was incorporated in 2008 when the Banagas Expansion Project was converted into an independent company, wholly owned by nogaholding. The company was established to meet the growing associated gas production in line with strategies to enhance oil production from the Bahrain field. Banagas operates and manages BNGEC under a management and operating agreement.



To be a leading Company admired and respected for the strength of our partnerships, our people and our performance.



To contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Kingdom of Bahrain by safe and effective processing of gas into marketable products satisfying our customer requirements.

We will do this by using a highly trained and well developed Bahraini national workforce while maintaining our full commitment to community support, to the protection of the environment and to the well-being of our employees.



  • Apply the highest standards in the performance of our work.
  • Work together to achieve our common goals
  • Be accountable to our colleagues and our customers.
  • Respect the views of others.
  • Be open to new ideas.
  • Commit ourselves to the service of the Kingdom of Bahrain and its leadership.
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of information.
  • Avoid any conflict of interest.
  • Be impartial in our dealings with third parties.
  • Committed to the sharing of knowledge and the establishment of a learning environment.

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