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Bahrain Aviation Fuelling Company

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Year of establishment 1985
Number of Employees 102
Sector Aviation Fuelling


The Bahrain Aviation Fuelling Company (BAFCO) is a joint venture company formed in 1985 to provide into-plane fuelling services at Bahrain International Airport (BIA), including the storage and transport of aviation fuel from the refinery. It manages this service on behalf of its three shareholders: The Oil Gas Holding Company B.S.C. (60%), Chevron Asia Pacific Holding Ltd (27%) and BP Middle East Limited (13%). The BAFCO Formation Agreement expires on 30 June 2018.

BAFCO’s shareholders are responsible for the marketing of the aviation fuel at BIA. The shareholders each negotiate the terms and conditions of their sales with the airlines at BIA and then BAFCO delivers the fuel to the customer airlines in accordance with the agreements concluded between the airline and the shareholder.

BAFCO’s Shareholders own a 8 inch pipeline from Sitra Refinery to the Arad Depot, the Arad Depot which stores jet fuel before supply to the BIA, the hydrant system at BIA that supplies fuel to aircraft, and 18 refuelling vehicles. BAFCO operates the Arad Depot, the hydrant line and the Into-Plane fuelling service.

International standards and practices are followed for the handling of the fuel from the refinery to the aircraft wing and the delivery of the fuel to the aircraft.



To be the Global Awarded Winning Aviation Fuel Supplier.



To operate and maintain the aviation fuel storage, handling and into-plane delivery service on behalf of their Shareholder’s to their Airline Customers, whilst balancing the costs to maintain safe and reliable operations that gives the shareholders a competitive into plane fee that allows them to attract business.



  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Team Work
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence

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