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His Excellency the Minister of Oil inagurates The Shale Gas Evolution Symposium


H.E Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil, inagurated on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, the Shale Gas Evolution Symposium, which was held at the Sofitel Hotel during the period 11-13 December 2018 in the presence of a number of executives and technicians, experts and interested in geology, from a number of local, regional and international companies, and with the participation of a number of university staff and training institutes specialized in this sector to discuss the latest developments in modern technologies on the subject of unconventional rock gas, experiences and best modern practices in this regard. The event is organized for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and the European Association of Geologists and Engineers (EAGE) and in cooperation with the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) and supported by Saudi Aramco, Tatweer, Schlumberger and a number of international companies.

In his opening speech, H.E. the Minister expressed his thanks and appreciation to the organizing committee for selecting Bahrain to hold such an important event, praising the tireless efforts of the organizers in organizing this symposium. H.E. welcomed all the guests and wished them a good stay in Bahrain, hoping that they will benefit from the seminars within the event.

H.E the Minister said that the modern technologies play a pivotal role in extracting shale gas in commercial quantities at a reasonable cost while taking into consideration the important environmental issues. He noted that the American experience in the extraction of rock oil has contributed to the provision of many studies and scientific research and field experiments to reach the best ways to extract rock gas. The recent explorations in Argentina, Saudi Arabia, China and some of the countries of the world made it necessary to understand and study the subject seriously and in all aspects. In addition to a comprehensive analysis of geophysical data, drilling measurements, composition assessment, and analysis. Testing, production and other analyzes to enhance the opportunity to improve the development of wells and the feasibility of extracting shale gas from it in commercial quantities and profitable.

H.E. the Minister pointed to the most important achievements made by the Kingdom of Bahrain this year on the discovery of quantities of light oil and associated gas, which exceeds 80 billion barrels in the Gulf of Bahrain, noting that this discovery, which is one of the largest discoveries that came using best practices for horizontal drilling and cracking. H.E. stressed that NOGA pays great attention to local, regional and international participants to find out the latest developments in modern technologies to promote investment in the oil sector and develop it to increase production, which in turn affects the improvement of the national economy.
At the end of his speech, H.E. the Minister expressed his thanks and appreciation to the American Society of Petroleum Geologists, the European Association of Geologists, engineers, speakers, participants, and to all those who contributed to the success of achieving the objective of this specialized symposium.

The seminar was attended by Ms. Dennis Cox, President of the American Petroleum Geologists Association (AAPG), Mr. Frederick Chemnin, General Manager of Dubai Petroleum Company, Mr. Gian Jack, President of the European Association of Geologists and Engineers (EAGE), and Ms. Trisha Curtis, Non-traditional Saudi Aramco, who referred in their discussions to several topics and technical analysis under the title of the future global perspective of shale gas.

The seminar program will include several events, including a field trip to the Bahrain field, for a closer look at the geological formations and to discuss the officials of Tatweer on several important topics.

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