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His Excellency the Minister of Oil sponsors the International Conference and Exhibition on the Fourth Industrial Revolution next February


Under the patronage of H.E. Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil, the Kingdom of Bahrain hosts for the first time the International Conference and Exhibition on the Fourth Industrial Revolution under the slogan "Transitions and Capabilities of GCC countries in the face of industrial variables", during the period 5-7 February 2019 at the Gulf Hotel.

This important event is organized by the Bahrain Society of Engineers in cooperation and coordination with the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA) and with the support of a number of local, regional and international companies, with the participation of interested, technicians, experts, specialists and a number of universities and specialized training institutes in this field.

H.E. the Minister of Oil, expressed his pleasure for hosting this important event for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which came to the distinguished reputation that the Kingdom enjoys in providing facilities, support and logistical assistance to the success of various specialized events on its territory, noting H.E. the close relationship with the Bahraini Society of Engineers and the important role it plays in organizing conferences, exhibitions and specialized workshops in the oil sector. Thereby contributing to the exchange of information, experience and expertise and the review of best practices in this vital field. H.E. wished all the best and success for the conference.

H.E. the Minister of Oil said that the world is in a new era of digital development that offers unprecedented potential for progress, development and global growth. Stressing H.E. that the fourth industrial revolution is a good opportunity to increase demand for oil, gas and petrochemical products. Pointing out H.E. to the importance of thinking differently and working in an unfamiliar and innovative way to achieve more of the desired achievements and goals.

H.E. the Minister of Oil added that the oil companies under the umbrella of NOGA have already begun to develop plans and strategies for the development of human cadres that contribute to increase efficiency, achieve the highest productivity and create significant added values in the oil and gas sector, while keeping up with the fourth digital technical development.

Moreover, the president of the Bahraini Society of Engineers, Dr. Dheya Abdulaziz Tawfiqi:  "The organization of the conference and the accompanying exhibition comes from the standpoint of keeping abreast of the latest developments and changes in the world of engineering and maintenance, stressing that the association is keen to provide the best topics that are in harmony with the trends The Kingdom's development and evolution, whether in the engineering, industrial or technological sector, adding that the world stands in the way of a technological revolution that will change the methods of industry upside down, so we must be prepared to confront these variables; we all know that the first industrial revolution was based on use of water and steam for production while the second Industrial Revolution was based on the use of electricity, the third revolution relied on electronic engineering to automate production, and we are on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution that would bring about radical changes in the digital industry.

The conference president, Dr. Haitham Issa Al Qahtani, said that the conference and the accompanying exhibition will be a meeting point between interested and concerned parties and decision makers in the use of digital technologies, especially as the characteristic of the fourth industrial revolution is the use of digital technologies such as: intelligence Industrial, Internet, virtual reality, added printing (3D), robotics (Robotic) and large information processing (Big Data) in service and productivity processes.

Dr. Al-Qahtani noted that the conference will bring together a group of experts and industrialists under one roof to study the effects of these digital technologies on some industries that contribute to the economies of the GCC countries such as the oil and mineral industries, energy and logistics and engineering (construction). Stressing that the conference and the accompanying exhibition organized by the association for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain will include the study of the effects of digital technologies on the mechanisms of exploration and oil operations and the analysis of large data in the production of shale oil. As well as their effects on the generation, transmission and distribution of energy and their substitutes and contributions in increasing the control of the metallurgical industry and how to increase the efficiency of logistics operations and the optimum use in engineering practices".

With regard to the accompanying exhibition, Dr. Al-Qahtani has been involved in the participation of a large number of local, regional and international companies and interested institutions to showcase the best findings of the relevant modern technologies and the exchange of information, knowledge and expertise specialized in the development and transformation of those industries to the fourth generation of industrial processes. In addition to supporting those industries, namely the oil, energy and metallurgical industries and the logistics and engineering operations.

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