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The Minister of Oil meets with a number of Oil Companies


H.E. Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil, met on the sidelines of the International Conference and Exhibition of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (ICCUS 2020) in Riyadh with a number of chief executives of oil companies (Schlumberger- Air Productions - GX) in the presence of a number of officials of the National Oil and  Gas Authority (NOGA) and its oil companies to discuss a number of related topics and strengthen ways of cooperation with the Kingdom of Bahrain in oil and environmental projects.
H.E. the Minister welcomed everyone, praising what these international companies are doing in providing technical and technological services in this vital area and the specialized projects carried out by companies in this regard, that are aimed at developing products by converting natural resources into gas producing energy, fuel and chemicals. Referring to the high reputation and experience of companies in this field.
During the meeting, H.E. the Minister discussed with the chief executives the most important oil related topics and ways to enhance cooperation in the development of the oil sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain, by enhancing investment opportunities in vital projects aimed at increasing production and strengthening the national economy. H.E. stated that projects and initiatives implemented by the Kingdom of Bahrain on environmental issues with the aim of preserving the climate, which has become important for all countries of the world to move towards the establishment of many projects concerned with the preservation of climate change and the implementation of the provisions of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
For their part, the chief executives expressed their great thanks and appreciation to H.E. the Minister of Oil, for the warm welcome and the discussion topics, which is a good opportunity to strengthen cooperation with the Kingdom of Bahrain in this development aspect, and the role of NOGA led by H.E. the Minister of Oil in the development of the oil sector. Praising the achievements of the Kingdom of Bahrain in launching a number of oil projects that will contribute in strengthening the Bahraini economy.
H.E. the Minister of Oil, also met with a number of CEO’s from the Bahraini oil companies who presented to H.E. the promising youth specialists in environmental affairs. Where H.E. discussed with the youth the most important international issues in this regard and the most important projects implemented by the Kingdom of Bahrain, aiming to preserve the environment and the climate change, wishing them continued success in their work and achieving their future aspirations that serve the country.

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