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Oil & Gas 4.0


The National Oil and Gas Authority attaches great importance to strengthening the role of the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the oil and gas sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This transformation has a significant create impact on all operations of companies operating in the Oil and Gas Sector, which is an integral part of the operation of this sector through utilizing the latest methodologies in the field of transformation Digital, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and other latest technologies that transform the entire operations of the digital system of oil companies to the growth and prosperity of the oil sector in the Kingdom.

Today, we are starting to enter the  new revolution era, which holds a lot of new innovative  opportunities for the oil and gas sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Digital innovations offer unprecedented potential for progress, which will lead to a shift in the operations of Oil and Gas operating companies under the supervision of the National Oil and Gas Authority. With global growth that will increase demand for oil, gas, petrochemicals and energy products.


​  The Strategic Plan of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the Oil and Gas Sector in The Kingdom of Bahrain :
  1. General Strategic 4th Industrial Resolution for the Oil and Gas Sector
  2. Piloting new projects utilizing the revolution technologies
  3. Developing the Oil and Gas Sector Manpower's to utilize the  revolution  technologies
  4. Having Expert manpower's  that utilizing the Artificial Intelligent & Digital Transformation  Approach
  5. Having the Digital Transformation implementation running in all Oil & Gas companies.
  6. Continuing the  process development and enhancements utilizing the 4th Industrial Revolution technologies. 


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